The Quiet Shop

Because I have very young children, I have to work with very quiet tools. Routers and table saws make the babies scream, which is bad. I work with in the quiet shop, and I work almost exclusively with hand tools.

Location: Greater Northwest Chicagoland, Illinois, United States

Monday, January 29, 2007

Kids and the shop

A big perk of a Quiet Shop is that my young kids can 'help.' Connor, my three year old, loves to cut wood and play with the vice. I let him play with block planes, ryoba saws, mallets, braces - lot of things. He loves playing with 'real' tools. Because I avoid the power stuff, nothing is loud or super dangerous. Admittedly, a ryoba saw or a plane blade can give a wicked cut, but they are far more forgiving than a tablesaw. Connor's learned to be very delicate in the shop. We made him a little workbench of his own for Christmas.


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