The Quiet Shop

Because I have very young children, I have to work with very quiet tools. Routers and table saws make the babies scream, which is bad. I work with in the quiet shop, and I work almost exclusively with hand tools.

Location: Greater Northwest Chicagoland, Illinois, United States

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Oak is brutal

Recently I've been struggling to create my first piece of bona fide furniture, and oak bench. I've been able to make half-blind dovetails in poplar wood, and so I thought it'd be no big thing to switch to oak. Wrong. I busted three teeth off my favorite Ryoba saw cross cutting a 13" wide piece of 4/4 oak. Ripping a three foot length of oak by hand worked up quite a sweat. It's taken me a month to simply mill the pieces - haven't even started the joinery yet. Phew!


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